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The Ingredients…DIY DAD

Nowadays dads are dynamic makers of all types who are just as handy with a wrench as they are a cheesecloth. In celebration of modern patriarchy, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite DIY items to help fathers flourish in a bevy of settings.

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Belle Chevre DIY Cheese Kit

Think you need a herd of goats in order to make goat cheese? Think again! Award-winning Alabama cheesemongers Belle Chevre make whipping up a batch super simple, all Dad needs is their thoughtful kit and Meyenberg Goat Milk from


Mortier Pilon Kombucha

Like dear old Dad, kombucha has been around for ages (okay, it dates back to 221 BC…shh!) and has gained quite the reputation as a real cure-all (also like Dad!). Give him the secret to vitality with the first-ever fermentation crock designed to continuously brew kombucha.


Stuff Every Dad Should Know

There’s nothing a new father can’t do with Brett Cohen’s classic, “Stuff Every Dad Should Know.” This pocket-sized reference guide covers all the ground from how to hold a baby to how to teach your child to drive. Get ready!


Cookut Mayonnaise Shaker

Even if your dad’s favorite sandwich isn’t banana and mayonnaise, chances are he reaches for the Hellman’s whenever a recipe starts with two slices of bread. Elevate his game for the must-have condiment with Cookut’s shaker, a super easy way to make mayo fresh.


Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kit

Mr. Beer’s Bewitched Amber Ale  is velvety smooth brew that pairs perfectly with other dad favorites: pizza, chicken wings and burgers. But your old man will love it even more if he’s made it himself with this complete beer-making kit from the OG of home-brewing.