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The Ingredients: Delicious Citrus

Citrus is delicious no matter how you slice it, dice it, squeeze it, pulp it or preserve it. What’s more, our tasty little vitamin C-packed friends are also high in fiber and offer heaps of wellness benefits, from reduced heart disease to a boost in the immune system. That’s why we’ve decked out STORY with a bounty of fruits from and a variety of items fresh from the field, so you can show your love and eat it too.


CandleLitDesserts Lemon Pie Candle

Handmade in Nashville, CandlelitDesserts are deliciously scented candles that perfectly replicate the pie they depict in both image and aroma. Consider these the only guilt-free way to truly inhale your dessert!


ElizabethW Small Batch Apothecary

Go full immersion with ElizabethW’s assortment of tropically scented, small-batch soaps, lotions and candles in lime and orange flower chamomile. You might start to smell like a classic margarita, but hey, we welcome the thought!


Lékué Citrus Sprayer

Stick a spritzer in it and you’re done! Lékué’s dishwasher-safe citrus sprayer makes any juicy fruit ready to use—lime on tacos, lemon on oysters, blood orange for an Aperol spritz…all the good stuff!


Pintrill Lemon Pin

If lemons are your jam in life, let the world know. Enamel pins from Brooklyn-based Pintrill are the perfect statement-maker for low-key fashion foodies looking to pay homage.


Vegetabowls Lemon, Lime, Orange and Grapefruit Bowls

Vegetabowls aren’t just a hip solution for fans of matchy-matchy entertaining, they’re veritable works of art. Each ceramic bowl is directly translated from nature’s own design and slip-cast by husband-and-wife team Melanie and Justin Mckenney in Buffalo, New York.


LITTLE LUX Lemon Love Necklace

This dazzling slice of citrus is the work of one adorable little squirt: 7-year-old entrepreneur Riley Kinnane-Petersen. As a sweet father/daughter duo, she designs while Dad helps get it to stockists, like Barneys and the Brooklyn Museum!


Cookut Juicer

Simple as it looks, this ain’t your grandma’s juicer. Cookut’s modern rendition utilizes differently shaped ends—one pointier for lemons and limes, one more rounded for oranges—so the juice is worth the squeeze every single time.