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The Ingredients…Coffee and Eggs

If you’re looking for a little protein boost with your caffeine fix, do like the Vietnamese and throw an egg in your coffee—in Hanoi, the creamy, latte-like Cà Phê Trứng is the best part of waking up. But if the idea of combining these two beloved breakfast staples leaves you feeling bitter, we’ve got a handful of alternatives, from espresso-based soaps to egg gondolas, to get you cracking instead. Come check them out at Fresh STORY!


2nd Ground Upcycled Coffee Soaps

Before you break your daily bread, freshen up with 2nd Ground’s exfoliating soaps. Made with goat’s milk and recycled espresso grounds, the all-natural bars are hand-crafted in Brooklyn and packed in biodegradable cups.


Egg Shop: The Cookbook

At NYC hotspot Egg Shop, the incredible edible breakfast staple is the main focus of every meal. Its chef, Nick Korbee, has put their concoctions down on paper in this cookbook which features 100 recipes like Green Eggs and Ham Sandwich, Spandexxx Break Bowl and the Egg Shop B.E.C.


Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pot and Pitcher

Want to make cold-brewed coffee like a pro? (Hint: it doesn’t involve refrigerating a pot of Mr. Coffee.) All you need is room temperature water, high-quality grounds, Hario’s cold-brew pot or pitcher and eight hours to steep it nice and slow.


Ototo Egg Gondola

It’s smooth sailing when making the perfect poached egg with Ototo’s Egg Gondola. All you need to do is grease the silicone boat, crack open and egg and leg it boil. Buon appetito amici!


SIN Filter Bowl and Morning Vice Candle

Start your morning with a classic bowl of Cheerios while mellowing out to the scent of coffee, leather and tobacco with SIN’s large Filter Bowl and soy-wax Morning Vice Candle. These porcelain wares are surprising replicas of their everyday counterparts.