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The Ingredients…Cocktail Essentials

Fresh produce doesn’t always have to come in its healthiest form. At STORY, we think you can add plenty of fruits and veg to your diet while responsibly sipping on a well-deserved adult beverage. In today’s craft cocktail world it’s easier than ever to create a wholesome libation with 100% natural ingredients—and it’s not only better for you, it’s way more fun.

In the spirit of mixing high quality drinks at home, we’ve put together some of the best bar essentials now on tap at Fresh STORY.


Aarke Sparkling Water Maker

Make your own club soda with Aarke’s super sleek sparkling water maker. Made in Sweden, STORY has the exclusive launch of this stainless steel home carbonator, which not only works with the simple push of a lever but with your Soda Stream containers as well. Cheers to that.


Jonathan Adler Scented Candles

Enjoy a little gluttony without the hangover with Jonathan Adler’s bourbon- and vodka-scented candles. Each comes in a metallic container designed to be reused—looks like the perfect place to store some swizzle sticks.


Hella Cocktail Co’s Small-Batch Bitters

Mix in a healthy dose of flavor with Hella Cocktail Co.’s handcrafted botanicals. Their small-batch bitters are made with only real ingredients for a powerful zing without the punch. How sweet is that?


Claudia Pearson’s Cocktail Tea Towel

Showcase your penchant for the handcrafted cocktail with Brooklyn-based illustrator Claudia Pearson’s tea-towel tribute. You can pick your poison with this 100% cotton old-school flour sack.



Don’t be salty next time you sit down with a craft beer. Pick up Shnuts’ mouthwatering mix of almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts, pecans and macadamia nuts. Twice-roasted and hand-flavored with a hint of spice, this Brooklyn brand knows how to spice up the party.


Dimitri’s Bloody Mary Mix

As any Bloody Mary enthusiast knows, all are not created equal when it comes to this classic weekend cocktail. Spice yours just right with Dimitri’s all-natural seasoning, a delicious mix you can add to tomato juice in any amount you wish.


Stewart & Claire Lip Balm Cocktail Trio

Conceived after a few well-made martinis, Stewart & Claire’s cocktail lip balms are the brainchild of food writer Kristin Donnelly and her husband, Philip Cooper. Get smacking with Negroni, Tiki and Old-Fashioned flavors, each formulated with a blend of organic oils.