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Indego Africa is Giving Women Opportunities, Connecting Continents

The “social enterprise movement,” as spearheaded by companies like Indego Africa give us all an easy way to embrace a global perspective and make a decision based on values, including equality. As Creative DirectorDeirdre King explains, “We are advancing gender equality by providing economic and educational opportunities for women in countries where they might not otherwise be able to access them.” To that end, the organization pools 100% of profits from sales, donations, and grant support to fund job skills training programs for artisan partners in business management, technology, entrepreneurship, and English and Kinyarwanda literacy. Here the team behind this non-profit shares why it’s taken a stand for female artisans worldwide.

You partner with a crop of talented females in Rwanda and Ghana, can you tell us about them?
These ladies are fierce (another F-word!) They’re ambitious, determined, creative, artistic, caring, entrepreneurial, and much, much more. No matter what they’ve been through in life, they work so hard to create brighter futures for themselves and their families. As women, they lead by example every day about how to be good providers and who work so hard for the sake of their families and communities. They inspire us everyday!

Beyond employment how is your organization working to support these fierce women?
Through our education programs, women in Rwanda & Ghana develop valuable lifelong knowledge that they can use to achieve whatever they wish to achieve—like opening new businesses or taking on leadership roles in their communities (accomplishments that, historically, were more available to men.) As Indego’s CEO, Karen Yelick, likes to say, “education is the great equalizer.” We couldn’t agree more.

Aside from fierce, what F-Word resonates most with the women behind Indego Africa?
We are all about femininity! To us, celebrating femininity is about celebrating the (many!) wonderful qualities of women around the world—especially the women we partner with in Rwanda & Ghana.

What’s another female-focused organization that we should have on our radar? 
Always crushing on the good work of Lemlem and Every Mother Counts.