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In Conversation with: Christina from CJW

Christina from CJW sat down with us for a conversation about what inspires her and her ideal work space!

What inspired you to create your company?

Prior to starting CJW, I was a painter with a studio in Bushwick. I loved being an artist and making paintings, but found the lifestyle to be too solitary. I had this idea of starting a scarf collection printed with images of my painting as a way to promote my art work. but as I began to research and develop my scarves, I had a lot of opinions on how I wanted the scarves to look, feel and be sold. Gradually, I started spending more and more time developing my accessories business and here we are!

What does your ideal work space look like?

My ideal work space would be a walkable distance to my home, bright and most importantly, dog friendly. Currently, I work from home and that feels pretty ideal for my needs now.

How does your work space inform your creativity for your work?
I gain most of my inspiration from my life experiences- an ice cream I ate in nantucket, a shoe I tried on at barney’s or a piece of art from the Met. The main perk of running a small business is that my time is very flexible. I often bring my work with me when I travel. So my home is my official office but I also make a lot of temporary work spaces around the world- hotel lobbies, airbnb beds, cafe tables, basically anywhere I can set up my laptop or my drawing supplies. I would say those travel work spaces would be most inspirational to my creative process.
Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself that is not available online?
People have wine or meat fridges, I have a chocolate fridge filled with all my chocolates and special limited time only holiday treats (like easter candy) that I collect from around the world
What is your favorite piece of your collection?
My favorite piece from my collection is the history, “She Wrote” print. A pattern inspired by remarkable women through different cultures and time periods.
Complete the sentence: The future of work is…. 
Just do it.
Favorite New York spot:
It would be inside a Richard Serra sculpture at Dia:Beacon
Join us on Saturday May 5th and Sunday May 6th for a CJW Trunk Show!