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In Conversation: Snowday

We’re gearing up for another Snack ‘n Shop this Saturday, December 10, 12-4PM! This weekend, the Snowday food truck brings their out-of-this-world grilled cheese and hot apple cider. We caught up with the “vehicle for social justice” to chat about their maple syrup-themed menu and their involvement with Drive Change.

Your food is built with ingredients sourced locally, seasonably, and sustainably. Do you think being on wheels is the key to democratizing the availability of wholesome, “real” foods?
Our whole business model is wrapped up in one word: ACCESS.

Access to opportunity, access to knowledge, and – certain with our mobility – access to good (whole) food. As a mobile food business, we are able to use our wheels as a tool to get locally sourced fresh food to places where those options are few and far between. This is something we would like to continue to do even more of.

At Snowday, we are intimately aware of the overlaps of food justice and social justice.

Snowday is the first food truck by Drive Change. Can you tell us a little bit about how this organization works and how Snowday got involved?
Drive Change uses the food truck workplace to run a one year Fellowship for young adults returning home from jail and prison. Snowday is the first truck created by Drive Change, and it is wholly owned by the non-profit. This is not just your average food business, it is a business that is a vehicle for learning and social change. Therefore, when you eat food from Snowday, it is being prepared from scratch and served by our Fellows. All of the sales from the truck recycle back into the organization to subsidize the overall costs. In addition to making our award-winning food and selling it off the truck; Fellows are engaged in one full day per week of extracurricular programing that includes: advocacy training, finance literacy, social media and marketing, practice in essential skill building, and much more.

What’s the inspiration behind the name, “Snowday”?
A Snowday is the BEST DAY EVER! The day where you do not go to traditional school or traditional work, but many people get out in the world and learn/connect through exploration. On Snowdays, people are free! They are happy! Often, they spend more time with their community and neighbors. We believe we embody that spirit and the thirst for learning that comes to people when they are able to break out of their traditional paradigms.

What’s the secret to making the best grilled cheese?
The best ingredients.

She Wolf Bakery makes our sour dough bread fresh; we get the best white cheddar cheese; and we use farm-fresh 100% Grade A or B maple syrup straight from Roxbury Farm in New York State. Plus, we’re serving it up with a mad love.

Favorite spot to serve in NYC?
We love working with the STORY Team! We also enjoy using our truck as a vehicle for justice when we are hired by organizations or movements to join in on political rallies, protests, or events! To feed is to love.