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In Conversation: Anewall

At Home for the Holidays, we found the perfect self-adhesive wallpaper that perfectly embodies our southwestern-inspired decor. The partner that had us covered? Anewall. They’re the Vancouver-based sisters (in law) team that offers large vintage art prints, framed canvas art, custom wall murals, graphic wallpapers….basically if it looks elegant and hangs or sticks on the wall, they’re the women for the job. We caught up with co-founder Sydney MacIntyre to chat about the inspiration behind their brand and their design process.

Tell us a little bit about your background.
We are two sisters (in-laws) from Vancouver, BC. We have a love for beautiful, breath-taking interiors, strong lattes, fresh croissants, and traveling – especially to wine country in Napa Valley, California! We are the heart and soul behind our wall decor company Anewall and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
What was the inspiration behind launching Anewall?
We were inspired to launch Anewall when our family home was being built and we couldn’t find a wallpaper for the powder room that suited our taste and aesthetic. This is when we came up with the idea to do it on our own. We found a beautiful French landscape image and decided to make a mural out of it on our own. That’s when we decided that we wanted to offer the world beautiful, breathtaking murals that can go in any home – from the French Country style, to modern homes – even more eclectic!
What informs some of your design decisions when making custom murals?
We are always looking for the latest trends in design to keep our product line fresh and interesting! Design inspiration is pulled from many different avenues: traveling, reading many many magazines, Pinterest (of course!) and from scratch by our incredibly talented graphic design and illustrative team.
What is your personal productivity hack?
My personal productivity hack would have to be my day planner. Every year I order my planner from Horacio Printing. It keeps me completely organized and I have every call, task, and custom order that needs to be done written in there. Without it I would be lost.
What is something we can’t learn about you by googling?
Something you can’t learn about us by googling would be – we are actually a very small team of people making a lot of business happen. It’s really great to have such an intimate work space with people you know and trust.
Favorite spot in Vancouver?
Our current favorite spot to go out to eat in Vancouver is The Mackenzie Room. It’s a farm to table restaurant with the most amazing, unique dishes and served family style. They also make a killer cocktail!