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How to Pick Your Perfect Xmas Tree

Xmas trees equal holidays. Not sure about fir? Enter NYCTREES, local sellers specializing in the farm-fresh variety. Brothers, Harold and Louis DeLucia started the business after noticing that most NY tree stands deal in second rate timbers from Canada. As an alternative the locally grown guys began sourcing sustainably harvested, fresh-cut trees from family-owned farms. In time for our #GivingWeekends, they’ve taken their “think globally, act locally” mission a step further and will be donating 25-trees to families in need throughout the city. In prep for their pop-up on Sundays outside Story, here the brothers share their pine picking primer.

How are the trees grown, harvested?

We choose to use sustainable and environmentally-friendly farms for all our premium Fraser Firs. For every tree harvested during the Christmas season, our tree farms plant 2-3 in its place. Each spring, new plantings will be nurtured and cared for over the next decade.

What should buyers look for when choosing a tree?

When selecting a Christmas tree it’s best to inspect the entire tree, spin it around and ensure that there are no ‘holes’. The USDA actually has a grading standard for Christmas trees based on their full foliage or lack thereof, but don’t worry: we only bring premium firs to the big city!

How do you know the best tree type for your home?

We choose to only source Fraser firs because of their wonderful smell and needle retention. They hold up well indoors and don’t drop mess-making needles like other varieties.

What are simple ways to keep your tree looking fresh?

Easy! Just keep away from direct heat source (like a radiator or heat vent). Then water weekly or as needed. 

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