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How to Find Your Most Flattering Swimsuit Ever

Fact: Swimwear shopping equals actual nightmare. Things don’t fit. Bodies look weird in mirrors. And also that skimpy top is definitely coming off in the pool. Enter Solid and Striped, makers of streamlined, mix and match bathing suits that have gained cult status by managing to do the impossible: flatter real bodies. We asked the brains behind the brand for a few tips to getting suited up this summer, because at some point you have to dive in.

Invest in Quality Construction

Super-well constructed swimwear can get pricey, but investing in better materials pays off. Not only are these suits more apt to survive the salt water and chlorine but they don’t bunch, fade, or stretch in unflattering places. 

Avoid Anything Exposed

Cheap suits often have an exposed elastic. It can be hidden under zigzag stitching or tucked in weird edges. This contributes to a not-so-flattering fit. Look for flat, thin, elastic seams and a clean construction where the elastic is tucked between layers of fabric.

Ignore the Tag

Specific cup or waist sizes don’t always translate in swimwear world. Try on different sizing combinations and go by how each piece fits – not what’s written on the tag. Solid and Striped sells its suits as separates so that you can mix and match.

Discover our favorite suits of the season from Solid and Striped at Out of Office STORY.