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Dave Asprey: How to Bio Hack Your Way to Well Being

Dave Asprey, techie turned body re-programmer and Bulletproof coffee evangelist, joined us last night to discuss his new book “The Bulletproof Diet,” with Yahoo Health‘s Michele Promaulayko. “The whole idea behind my approach isn’t about winning or being more powerful,” he said. “It’s about doing what you want.” To that end, Dave’s philosophy focuses on hacking your body to get it to a higher physical and mental state. Here’s a few “bullet points” from his talk and tasting.


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How do you maximize willpower? 

Willpower is tied to glucose – when people have low blood sugar, they have less willpower and become more susceptible to making poor food decisions. By targeting 50-60% of calories from healthy fats, you can maintain your energy levels and maximize willpower.

What’s the best way to approach ? 

Think about food as an order of operations: Are you getting 50-70% percent of calories from healthy fats, the right micro-nutrients, while minimizing anti-nutrients. You’ll can become healthy and stronger by making the smallest changes – the more you make, the better it will work.

What is Bulletproof coffee?  

Bulletproof coffee makes you feel lean, focused, and energized by providing your body with the healthy fats it needs to optimize performance. To make it at home:

To Make coffee: Brew coffee as you normally would. In blender add the brewed coffee, butter, and XCT oil.  Blend  until there is a thick layer of foam on top like a latte.