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How This All Natural Skincare Line Celebrates Mother Earth

All natural skincare line, “The Soil and The Sea” makes no secret of the origin of its simple products, nor its focus on creating earth-derived skincare solutions. “We believe in farms and beaches, not pharmaceuticals,” say co-founders Jay Saba and Liany Rodriguez. With the start of a new season, we sat down with Jay and Liany to talk about how their relationships with their mothers and Mother Earth have inspired products that celebrate organic beauty.

How is The Soil & The Sea different from other skincare lines out there? 

We empower women and men to experience the most natural, luxurious skincare that mother natural has created. We try to achieve this through raw, natural elements, transparent packaging, and honest ingredients. The Soil & The Sea is as close as you can get to sticking your hands into a bowl of mud and rinsing it off with fresh seawater without leaving the city.

Your company embraces the value of natural beauty, can you talk about how this value relates to your definition of feminism? 

The Soil & The Sea is a family-run business and our organizational values are the same as our personal ones. We don’t think of feminism as a political movement or stance that questions or threatens masculinity in any way. We simply think of feminism as the origin of life in its purest form. Mother Nature is female and everything she gives forth to is famine at its core, even the male species. Without feminism, there is no life, no beauty, and no future. Feminism is at the core of the Universe and the life of our planet.

Mother Earth is definitely an inspiration. Can you talk about how your own mother’s have served as role models? 

LR: My mother and grandmother worked hard to provide a stable upbringing and great educational opportunities for me in Puerto Rico. Both are extremely strong women who taught me that being a woman should never stop me from doing what I want in life.

JS: My mother taught me that becoming a gentleman included always showing respect for all women.

Any lessons that they taught you that you will be passing along? 

Dream big, work hard and proudly own your feminism. Don’t let being a girl hold you back from acting on your dreams but don’t make it your life’s mission to prove the world doesn’t need men/ Be what you want, do what you want, wear what you want, and be confident and happy.