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How One Night In Bangkok Inspired These Shirts

Speeding tickets rarely lead to anything – a headache maybe? For Bryan Davis, founder of Teddy Stratford a run in with the Royal Thai Police in Bangkok was to become the inspiration for an entirely new type of men’s shirt –  one that mirrored the slim, well-fitting cut of the officer’s uniform by way of a concealed zipper.

“Most men’s shirts are too baggy, but fitted shirts, because they’re tighter, pull open around the buttons, creating the appearance of an overstuffed sausage,” Davis explained at our last Pitch Night, “The Zip Fit solves this problem by placing a zipper behind the placket, enabling men to wear better fitting shirts without the “Bratwurst Effect.”

Odds are (unless you’re a former member of the Thai police) you’ve never worn a shirt with a now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t zipper but Davis noted, it’s no gimmick. “Our shirts feature details that matter and are cut, sewn, and finished around the corner from where we work and live, in the New York City Garment District.”

In other words, it’s the the creme de la creme of the chest world.