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How One NYC Designer Plays It Cool Girl

It makes sense designer Cynthia Rybakoff cites David Bowie as an inspiration. “His multifaceted aesthetic combining music and personal style – it’s as relevant today and it was in 1973,” she says. The same is true of Rybakoff’s handcrafted jewels. A mash-up of geometry and stone, pieces have a vintage-meets-modern vibe that’s a little Ziggy Stardust with a heavy dose of downtown cool. Read on for this designer’s bewitching inspiration…

What’s the coolest thing about your line?

I seek to create “new classics” that are also fresh and modern. I have an obsession with classic-cool retro style but I am also interested in everything new and forward thinking in design.

Favorite way to cool off?

I need to get outside my head and into a great story. I’m addicted to alternative format TV shows. Also anything with classic-cool retro style like a 1970s episode of Bewitched, which I watch for the costumes and furnishings. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Coolest thing you’ve learned recently?

I’m married to a scientist-turned-artist, so I learn cool things every day. He just bought a first edition of “Famous Facts” and the first page said Washington was the first President elected under the Constitution but Thomas McKean was the first President under the Articles of the Confederation. Why did I not know this?