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How Local Yogi Ossi Raveh Practices Prevention and Finds Calm

Brooklyn Yoga Project founder Ossi Raveh’s journey to yoga began long before her first pose. As a teenager she suffered a traumatic 40-foot fall that left her with a concussion, and multiple broken hones. Following multiple surgeries, Ossi was introduced to Pilates as a form of movement therapy and in 2004 took her first Heated Vinyasa Yoga class. She says the pace and fluidity of the vinyasa helped her build strength and calm her mind. More importantly it forced an alignment in her body that helped soothe her injuries. As part of our focus on prevention, Ossi will lead a class this Saturday focusing on how challenges can become opportunities.

This STORY is all about the things we can do to “feel good” what does that phrase mean to you? 

Slowing down enough to breathe and feel your body in space. Taking a break from the external distractions and responsibilities and allowing yourself to receive.

We’re all looking forward to your class on Saturday, can you share what’s going to be happening? 

We will be discussing how we take the challenges that life presents us and turn them into opportunities. We will use breath, yoga, meditation and conversation.

Sounds like a chance to find stillness. Is there a way we can all bring a little more of this calm to our every day? 

Take a moment to sit quietly and listen to all that is moving through your mind. As you listen with awareness and compassion let your breath become louder and louder breathing in awareness and exhaling out what no longer serves you.

Can you give us an example of how you channel this energy in your daily life? 

Yesterday. I went sledding at Prospect Park with my boys!! Nothing better that playing to remind you how the little things are so sweet and amazing. Play….always find time to play.