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How Creator of JIX Makes Straws Really Cool

Thought “drawing straws” was as creative as you could get with the suckers? Enter artist Patrick Martinez. As the creator of Jix, a modular connective system for drinking straws, Patrick designs and builds snowflake-like straw sculptures. Because there’s something inherently cool about creating awe-inspiring art of something as ordinary as a straw, we asked Patrick to use Jix to create an original work for COOL STORY. Here he shares the story behind this collaboration and why cool things happen when you realize the tools to be creative are at your fingertips.

How did the collaboration come about?

It was a series of interesting coincidences. Also, Rachel’s enthusiasm and “straightforwardness” was radiating through the phone when she called me and I felt immediately pulled into this project.

What was the coolest part about building the installation?

The whole process. Building a JIX installation always requires a lot of energy, focus and application.  I had a great bunch of people helping me and the Story team is driven, passionate and professional.  To me, hardworking in a relaxed atmosphere is what was cool.

How did you produce the work?

Making an installation for a store is a different process than for a gallery. It is a collaborative work. As such,  you come up with certain ideas  but you also have to be open to suggestions and ready to make adjustments.  I am interested in the experimental nature of these situations.