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How Apolis Uses Industry for Good, Advocates Change

Unethical labor: it’s the ugly part of the fashion industry that gets swept under the runway until tragedy forces us to pay attention. Rather than wait for another Rana disaster, socially motivated lifestyle brand, Apolis, is out to prove industry can be a powerful advocate for change. Driven by purpose –  to both ethical practices and product design, here the brand shares its back story and look at the good things to come.

What’s the GOOD Story behind your business?

We believe there are artisan manufacturers all over the world who possess unimaginable talent. Our goal is to shine a light on this talent and bring exceptional products to the global market. By combining our design, marketing, and branding with the decades-long experience of our global network of artisan producers, we believe we can provide long-term employment and transform communities world wide.

What is “advocacy through industry” all about?

To us advocacy means shining a light on cultures and countries we don’t often hear about and bringing to the market the work of expert craftspeople around the world. Additionally our non profit and manufacturing partners in developing countries pursue development goals like health and education in the communities they work in. As far as “industry” we want to connect the hands that make our products to the hands that buy them.

Good things happen when…

People are given an equal chance to succeed as everyone has the same desires to love, laugh, and provide for their family.

What’s one good thing you’ve found lately?

A new project in Ethiopia we are starting with hand-loomed textiles made by women looking for jobs to get out of the sex trade industry. Look for it in the middle of 2014.