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Say Hello to Heyday

We firmly believe in the right to #treatyoself, but professional grooming doesn’t always have to be a full-on spa experience. A regular beauty routine needs to fit your fast-paced lifestyle. Enter Heyday, a drybar-style salon that delivers customized facials in 30 minutes, so your skin is always at its everyday best. And while it’s a cinch to book and visit one of of their NYC locations (where they also do longer treatments), you can now visit them at Beauty STORY!

Heyday’s passionate team of skin therapists is in-store all month to give you a quick-but-thorough facial or complementary consultation. Known for their expert advice and effective, clean products, they combine the best of nature with the smarts of science to refresh, boost and help you maintain healthy, radiant skin. And you don’t even have to furrow your brow trying to remember everything you learn during your 30-minute treatment; after you leave, your therapist will email you with a personalized routine and product recommendations.

Because they believe in upgrading your skin—not your bill—Heyday lets you decide later (and after you’ve tried some of the samples they give you on the way out) which products you want to shop, if you decide you’re into something they suggest. There’s no product-push during the facial, which makes the entire experience even more relaxing.

We love how Heyday makes customized facials an easy part of our skincare regime, and we’re very excited to have them at Beauty STORY! Stop by to see for a little TLC!