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Here’s Why Dirty Lemon is Your Detox to Retox Go-To

Summer otherwise known as Rose season can take its toll. Enter Dirty Lemon, the “hold the hangover” miracle cure that maximizes hydration, promotes detoxification and erases those Sunday scaries. Created with New York’s ‘work hard play harder’ lifestyle in mind by serial entrepreneur Zak Normandin, the Vogue-approved bottled beverages blend science and low-key vibes for refreshing sips that offer serious health benefits.

The brand’s Charcoal Lemonade is proven to improve digestion and stimulate liver function while its Matcha formula is packed with metabolism-boosting antioxidants for sustained energy and fat-burning support. And unlike many sugar-soaked juice cleanses, Dirty Lemon contains only one gram of sugar per 16-ounce bottle. But the key for us: You can add the drink to your diet without making any other changes. Because sometimes you want to have your cleanse and a glass of Whispering Angel too.

Discover Dirty Lemon at Out Of Office STORY or order it up online.