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HER: Angela Rossi Talks up her Beat Up Creations

Beat Up Creations is all about taking the old and making it new again, repurposing what was forgotten into something unforgettable. Read on for our discussion with artist and founder Angela Rossi.



Our current STORY is about disruption. What’s disruptive about what you do?
I set out to give a new life to old plates. It’s called Upcycling.

Upcycling, for me, means taking unloved, thrown out and abandoned items and altering them into something cool and contemporary.

Why do you work mainly with plates?
I love working with old plates. Most of these vintage and antique plates are truly amazing. They have been hand painted, hand embellished with gold gilded, they may have enamel details or hand molded. This type of craftsmanship is rare today and nearly extinct in the plate-making world.

What’s the inspiration for your work? Where does it come from?
I love the idea of taking a traditionally formal piece and bringing some humor to it. It is really about revitalizing these beautiful vintage plates, altering them to be a bit more fun and contemporary. The juxtaposition of highbrow classicism with a sense of humor is the greatest influence in my work. I am definitely inspired by pop culture, anthropomorphism and classic antiques.