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HER: Alexandra Clark of Detroit’s Bon Bon Bon Shares her Sweet Story

From the heart of Detroit, Bon Bon Bon mixes American ingenuity with French chocolate-making expertise to craft sweets so nice they named them thrice. Visit our events page to make sure you don’t miss their Father’s Day lead-up visit from June 16th-19th, and read on to unwrap the mind behind the disruptively delicious treats.

When you visit NYC, do you have a first-choice destination in the city?
I’m going to my friend Hannah’s home on Fire Island.

Just as a way of getting to know you, what’s the last thing you took a picture of?
A picture with a student from Rising Stars Academy, a culinary school for students with special needs.

Inspiring! And what’s one thing the internet doesn’t know about you yet?
I have won each and every pumpkin weight contest I have entered!

And it sounds like you’re still pumped about it. Can you give us the backstory of Bon Bon Bon?
After years abroad and working in great hospitality businesses in the states, I was ready to move home and put my dream to work. Bon Bon Bon was 8 years in the making. I made the decision, found the perfect building in my most favorite part of Detroit, and from there the stars aligned. We were lean and mean in the beginning (and still are, frankly) but I was so thrilled to work with young, excitable and talented young women to create whimsical, expertly crafted chocolates. Three shops, countless pop-ups, and hundreds of thousands of bons later, we are expanding to our own building in late 2016.

Congratulations! Sounds like you tapped into something Disruptive. What does disruption mean to you?
Going against the grain and likely doing something amazing that stirs things up and goes against the cultural norm.

Is there a disruptive business that you look up to?
The Empowerment Plan in Detroit. They educate, employ, and empower homeless individuals to create a better life for themselves and their families while producing a humanitarian product for those in need.

Since you’re joining us for Father’s Day, what’s some of the best advice you’ve received from your dad?
Treat any big project like your launching a rocket. The longer the launching rod, the better the chance that it will go in the direction you were hoping for it to go.

Taste it to believe it. Bon Bon Bon visits #DisruptSTORY June 16th-19th.