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Hella Company’s New Year’s Eve Cocktail

As we gear up to watch the ball drop and party like it’s 1999 (?) we’ve asked the “bitter boys” at Hella Company to concoct a festive New Year’s Eve cocktail that takes the standard glass of bubbly to the next level. The below recipe is for a classic champagne cocktail, but feel free to get creative by using Hella Cocktail Co. syrups (we like the Hibiscus Cocktail Syrup!) in place of the sugar cube.

Champagne Cocktail Recipe by Hella Company

Prepping time: / Cook time: / Total time: / Servings: 1 drink

Directions: In a coupe or flute glass add sugar cube and soak with three dashes bitters. Gently fill glass with champagne. Roll the lemon peel, peel side down over glass to expel oils then ease the peel into the glass. That was easy, right?