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Start from Within:
Healthy Hydration

Flawless skin starts with habitual hydration: water flushes out toxins, reduces food cravings and prevents sagging, lines and wrinkles. But what comes out of the tap can use a little help, which is why we’ve found everything from filters to glass bottles, and electrolyte tables to homeopathic stones. Check them out here and this month at Beauty STORY!



Did you know that stones have homeopathic properties? VitaJuwel harnesses those powers by adding a careful selection of pH-improving gems to a glass bottle, so their effects can radiate within the water you drink. Try a little sodalith to restore balance in your day or rose quartz if you’re looking for love!


Pure Inventions

Leading an ultra-busy life doesn’t mean you can’t find time for personal wellness. Pure Inventions makes it crazy easy with a line of antioxidant-rich liquid extracts formulated to support a healthy immune system. Mix a few drops into any type of beverage for a daily boost.



If your week includes kicking ass in both the boardroom and spin class, add a nuun electrolyte tablet to your drink for added hydration—the blend of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium will give you extra energy at work and alleviate cramps at the gym!



Soma knows that habitual hydration is the key to any well-rounded beauty regime, so their handsome glass-and-wood water bottles and filtered pitchers are designed to inspire constant use while making sure your water is free of chlorine, mercury, copper and zinc.


All Beauty

Double down on hydration with All Beauty’s skincare drink, a nutrient-packed beverage that contains two glasses of water per bottle. Their all-natural, refreshing flavors are gluten-free and have zero calories and sugars. The thing they do have is a heck of a lot of vitamins!



If you like a little haute hydration, BKR is for you. A staple at fashion week and cult-loved around the world, these glass water bottles are as thoughtfully designed—like a mouth that’s the perfect sipping size—as they are beautiful in voguish colors and tactile sleeves.