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HAVE FUN: Take a Walk in Elliot’s Shoes with a Mr. Robot-Inspired Field Trip

It’s easy to lose yourself in New York. So it’s fitting that the dramatic hacker action of Mr. Robot is set within the City’s imposing landscape – its architectural extremes reflecting Elliot’s mental state. This is after all, the City that never sleeps. If you’re a local, you may have recognized some of the haunts, landmarks, rooftops, and restaurants where the story of Mr. Robot unfolded – Or maybe you spotted somewhere new to you. Either way, take this walk in Elliot’s shoes with us and explore the setting that sets the tone for Mr. Robot.

US Armed Forces Recruiting Station at Times Square
Times Square is a distinctly American epicenter of activity, and it serves as the spot where Elliot has two enormously important moments in his arc – One triumphant and empowering, one terrifying in its scope as it pertains to the future of his character (and the world he has changed).

The Bertelsmann Building at 1540 Broadway
Soaring over the heart of Manhattan, this modern office tower’s high ceilings and rooftop access made it perfect for the glamorous E Corp reception where Tyrell Wellick makes a character-defining mistake to the tune of FKA Twigs.


“Love Vandal” Mural by Nick Walker
A standard parking lot is tinged with ironic meaning when Elliot awakens there, disoriented, under street artist Nick Walker’s beautiful painting of arrested motion and NYC pride.

Panorama of the City of New York at Queens Museum New York Building
This breathtaking model serves as the location where Darlene and Angela contemplate the scale of Elliot’s problems, symbolically dwarfing the city with the magnitude of their (and his) choices.

The Boardwalk at Coney Island
Sunny and bustling, The Boardwalk’s joyous atmosphere and family-friendly fun stood in stark contrast to the strife that Elliot revealed to Mr. Robot about his past on the railing near the Stillwell Avenue bathrooms – And the cruel plunge that quickly followed.

The Eldorado Arcade at Coney Island
This is the base of operations for fsociety, abandoned and secretive in the series, it’s still operational today if you want to stop in and play some games in the spot where Darlene held her “End of the World” party.

Already explored these locations? #DisruptSTORY is celebrating the launch of Mr. Robot Season 2.0 – So there’s more NYC exploring (and hacking) to come!