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Harry’s Stays on the Cutting Edge

Dear Harry’s,

We’ve been as close as a perfect shave for a long time, and your sets have been welcome additions to our holiday home for years. Still, you never fail to surprise us. With sharp design to your gentle detailed touches you elevate an everyday necessity into a unforgettable gift. The Winter Winston Shave Set is a limited-edition tour de face with features like:

  • 3 Trademark German-engineered razor cartridges
  • Travel blade cover
  • Limited-edition midnight blue handle
  • Rich foaming shave gel

Sleek, smooth, and ideal for gifting – The Winter Winston Shave Set embodies elegant practicality. Combining the technical with the tasteful, it doesn’t compromise on any level, just like the man who deserves to unwrap it this season. Harry’s, we’re glad you came Home for the Holidays again. We can always count on you to stay on the cutting edge.


P.S. Check out their NYC corner shop on 64 Macdougal!