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Harry's Makes Volunteering Look Good

Good is…giving something we all have – time. That’s why Harry’s – maker of sharper, less expensiver razors – factors volunteering into its one-plus-one give-back model. Inspired by its show of commitment for its “Give a Shave” partner, City Year, we asked Laura Zax, head of social innovation at Harry’s to talk getting involved and how they’re helping City Year help groom tomorrow’s leaders.

Why is doing good (donating time) an important part of Harry’s give back model?

We believe all businesses should leverage their core strengths for social change. At Harry’s we consider our team’s skills to be chief among our most valuable assets. We love to contribute what we do best – whether design or marketing so that our non-profit partners can focus on what they do best – delivering impact.

Why City Year?

City Year is a perfect partner because we share two deeply held commitments: prepping people for personal an professional success and the commitment to serving our communities by giving time.


Recently we completed our first ever 1% hack where the entire Harry’s team committed to a day hacking (tackling) a key challenge that City Year faces.

How can the community get involved?

We’re looking forward to a time when we can serve as a platform for our customers to participate in skill-based volunteering. In the mean time, we encourage anyone interested in using their skills for GOOD to check out CatchaFire and the Taproot foundation, both connect talent to impact-ful non-profits.