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Happening at STORY: Do Cool Sh*T Mini Bootcamp

This is all about cool sh*t – from an air conditioner that knows when to turn itself off to an ice cream maker who ditched a career to follow her scream dreams. So as a fitting finale to our coolly curated experience, we’ve invited cool girl + author, Miki Agrawal to talk about how to do more cool sh*t.

As the author, Miki is the poster girl for living the life of your dreams – whether that means quitting your day job or learning to tune out negative noise. Join us Monday August 11, when she spends a couple of hours talking about her personal journey and offers practical steps to starting your own.

Because when everyone asks how you spent your Monday night, you want to say: Doing cool sh*t.

Monday August 11, 6-8pm RSVP to