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Healthy Hair: Tools to Transform

If you’ve ever chopped your mop or dyed your mane, you get how hair can completely transform a look. Even the slightest shift in your daily ‘do can inspire compliments at the office. Hair is one of our most noticeable assets, and we should treat it well.

We’ve tracked down the latest tools—from hair elastics to showercaps—that have your locks looking super healthy in a style that’s all your own.



Looking to expedite the drying process but eliminate frizz, or straighten your hair without frying your ends? T3’s smart electronics combine cutting-edge technologies with moisture-sealing ceramic and Tourmaline materials to elevate and improve both your hair and the mundane home-styling experience.


Serge Normant

If you have fine hair but dare to dream big, Serge Normant’s Instant Volumizing shampoo, conditioner and spray are for you. Formulated with white lupine, a plant-based protein from the Mediterranean, this triple threat maximizes  on volume by strengthening your hair so it’s healthy and full.


Tangle Teezer

On a hectic day, cute little kinks can easily turn into some serious knots and brushing your hair can become a literal pain. Enter Tangle Teezer. Made in the UK, this magical hairbrush has a two-tiered teeth system that separates wet or dry hair with absolute zero fuss.



Lay the perfect foundation for a healthy head of hair by starting with the way in which you dry it. AQUIS hair towels and turbans are made from super absorbent, fine-fibered Aquitex fabric, which minimizes the swelling and stretching of hair to prevent breakage and reduce blow-drying time.


By Lilla

“Rebel against the black elastic” with By Lillia’s statement-making hair elastics, which also double as charm bracelets. For a stackable arm party that’s as high on style as it is on function, show off your hard and soft sides with Boss Lady and XOXO around your wrist.



It’s not only healthier for hair not to wash it everyday, but it also gives you a break from styling from scratch. SHHHOWERCAP is a 100% waterproof turban that effortlessly keeps hair dry—plus its machine-washable, breathable fabric reduces frizz and is made to last for years.



Clairol’s Color Crave Hair Makeup contains no ammonia, no peroxide, no parabens, and absolutely zero commitment. This one-day-only color treatment is also extremely easy to use: apply to dry hair, set with a blow dryer and style per usual. The shimmery shade washes out with your next shampoo.  Fall into color with a Pumpkin Spice Ombre look; not sure what that means, check it out here!