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Good Finds: Story’s Top Six Ways to Make Good on Your Resolution

Raise your hand if you’ve made a resolution, only to realize a few months later that you’ve totally lapsed? We’ve all been there. Fact is: it takes more than than good intentions to make good on the goals you’ve set for the year ahead. Whether you’ve set out to drop a few pounds or drink a little more water, we’ve selected six tools that can help get you there.

Fluid Stance

Goal: Take a stand against sitting

Standing is so last year (and also not so good for your health). Fluid Stance’s Level board adds motion to your standing desk, optimizing your 2016 workflow and adding balance to your daily to-do list.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Goal: See yourself in a better mirror

You’ve been weighing yourself all wrong. Withings Smart Body Analyzer gives you the numbers you need to know to achieve measurable results and syncs up with its Health Mate App to track your progress and help you get over those plateaus.

Drop Scale

Goal: Mix things up in the kitchen

Always been scared to make it from scratch? Drop Scale’s Bluetooth-enabled scale takes the guess work out of your DIY baking equation while its companion recipe app provides plenty of precisely measured inspiration – so go ahead and rise to the occasion.


Goal: Start your day a little smoother

Smoothies are a simple way to get your super foods, but making them at home can be super-messy. Let NurtiBullet’s apartment-friendly blender ease the clean-up woes so you can focus on cleaning up your diet.

Stop the Water While Using Me

Goal: Clean up your environmental acts

You’re resolved to stop being such a drain on the environment. Stop the Water While Using Me’s cooly designed, all-natural products will give you a gentle (literally) reminder to pay attention to how long you’re lathering.

Aquis Hair Turban

Goal: No bad (hair) days

Splits are good for yoga, bad for hair. Aquis’ Hair Turban makes them a memory thanks to ultra-fine fibers that gently and naturally dry hair without damaging the shaft, making your hair less prone to breakage.