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Good Find: A Pair of Humidifiers that Keep it Cool

So you’ve been chilling by the heater all winter. Feels pretty good, right? Fact is all that hot air can wreak havoc on your skin, hair, and sinuses. What you need is a humidifier. But not any humidifier will do—oh, no. It has to look good. Thankfully the aesthetically driven designers behind Stadler Form and Leibal have turned their eye on improving a clunky icon, turing it from eye-sore into minimalist must-have. Here’s what you need to know to take control of your winter woes:

Stadler Form

Small but powerful, the Anton humidifier empowers you to take control of your air quality. Capable of humidifying small spaces (250- square feet), Anton emits a cool, clean mist, counteracting the discomforting effects of a dry climate, such as dry skin, cracked lips, or sinus congestion – it can even distribute your favorite fragrance.

Leibal 11+ Humidifier 

The 11+ Humidifier offers a design-driven solution that blend aesthetics and modern utility. Beautifully minimalist, the USB-enabled bottle humidifier is powerful enough to supply ample humidity for any personal space, whether it be the bedroom, office, or living room.