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GLAMGLOW Helps Us Multi-Mask


Thanks to your #MultiMasking treatment, we’re always ready for our close-up, and we’re so glad we got close to you for Love STORY! Let’s put this relationship into focus (go ahead and make it HD, our pores look perfect thanks to you!): At first your husband-and-wife founders and formulators in the Hollywood Hills overlooking Los Angeles intended their fast-acting and innovative treatments to be exclusively available for professional use on actors in entertainment productions, but as soon as the luxury retail world caught a glimpse of how instantly your products produce noticeable glow and reduce fine lines, the secret was out – and it was a blockbuster release. (To boot? Your packaging is designed by our pal Donald Robertson!)

If it’s not too forward to say, we love getting down and dirty with your #MultiMasking muds! SUPERMUD creates incredible clarity, YOUTHMUD gives us that youthful glow, GRAVITYMUD gets us firm and fabulous, FLASHMUD brings bold radiance, and POWERMUD is a pore-cleaning powerhouse. When we’re multitasking, your #MultiMasking muds help us check “look your best with spectacular skin” off our list, and that’s why this match for Love STORY is a huge hit (and we’re hoping for sequels!).