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We all have that one impossible-to-shop-for person on our list. They’re the first to know about everything and usually the first to own it. So we searched high and low to fill our Home for the Holidays with gifts that maybe they haven’t seen or thought to buy for themselves. Think: unexpected and a little bit personal – from architectural coffee pots to African-crafted home wares.

TM 1985 “CB” Briefcase: Brooklyn designer Tielor McBride mines vintage inspiration to create accessories with a rugged sophistication. This briefcase features strong leather handles and a reinforced strap as well as interior pockets for the essentials.

Stacked Cow Horn Lamp by Rose and Fitzgerald: Meticulously handcrafted using ethically-sourced Ankole cattle horn, this lamp base is truly a piece of art that blends traditional African materials with modern design.

Reflexi Foot: A discovery from our latest Pitch Night, this innovative self-care product can heal tired feet, making it easy to massage, stretch, and exercise the feet.
Bottle Opener by Pat Kim Design: A beautifully minimalist titanium bottle opener from Brooklyn designer Pat Kim which will definitely up your beverage game.


DUBS Acoustic Filters by Doppler Labs: These advanced tech earplugs reduce volume without sacrificing the clarity of sound and feature a 12 decibel Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) to help protect your ears.

Concrete Geometric Concrete Vase: A multifunctional and minimalist concrete vessel you can use to hold plants or as simply as a decor item.e


Beth Macri Hidden Message Necklace: When in doubt, get personal. Beth Macri’s Hidden Message necklace can be customized to say something special that only its wearer (and you) will know.

ANNDD Crossbody Bag: Simple and streamlined, designer Adam Davidson’s leather crossbody bag is the perfect size for the day-to-day essentials…and is made in New York.