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WonderWoof is Spreading Puppy Love by Connecting Dogs and Owners

Nobody makes you feel good quite like your dog, and you can always tell they’re happy when their tail is wagging! But dogs, for all their cuteness, don’t necessarily know when they’re living healthily– So we sat down with the team at WonderWoof for a look at their Bluetooth solution.

This thing is adorable! It looks like a little bowtie.
That’s right! It clips right onto your buddy’s collar like a FitBit on a human, but with a little more stylish flair.

And it’s able to monitor your dog’s movement that way?
Not just that, it communicates with analytics via our WonderWoof smartphone app, tracks progress over time, and ensures that your dog is getting the proper amount of exercise based on her or his size, breed, and age.

It’s a great idea. What inspired it?
We love our dogs, and making sure they live the happiest and healthiest lives possible makes us feel good.

So this is a product for dog-lovers.
Ultimately, it’s a product about becoming closer to your dog through monitoring their daily activity, and becoming more in tune with what your dog needs to stay healthy and happy. The Wonderwoof also allows users to connect with other dogs and owners in the local area, allowing them to set up doggy playdates and make new friends. So I’d say it’s as much for the dogs as it is for the dog-lovers.

That’s a really nice thought. Anything else you’d like to share with our followers?
Just a fun fact: We’re a company founded by a woman and run primarily by women. We’re fueled by girl power! And puppy love, of course.