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Get to Know: WiseWear’s Collective of Creative Thinkers and the Sensational “Socialite”


Part of feeling good is knowing yourself and staying connected– so we connected with the minds behind WiseWear. Ahead the creators of the versatile Socialite bracelet, a beautifully discreet Bluetooth-enabled activity tracker share how they’re changing the wearables game and bringing fashion icon Iris Apfel along for the ride.

Let’s start at the beginning: What inspired WiseWear?

The need for proactive health care solutions. Dr. Gerald Wilmink founded WiseWear with the idea that healthy lifestyles should be easy to achieve and maintain with the ease of technology. He and his team of engineers spent endless hours perfecting the art and science of advanced wearable sensors. Knowing that the beauty of their technology could only be concealed and packaged into a beautiful accessory, they collaborated with lead fashion designers to create a collection of luxury wearables.

And that led to the Socialite Collection, the intent to make this technology luxurious and beautiful?

Yes, but it’s more than that. The Socialite Collection addresses the need for consumers to take a proactive approach toward their health and wellness, the need for consumers to “de-tech” and take a break from the screen to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, and the need for wearable technology that recognizes the importance of aesthetic design, comfort, and wearability. With Socialite, we hope to empower modern day women to achieve the perfect balance of both beauty and brains

Technology is a beautiful thing, and wearing it should be too.


So how does the Socialite Collection help women be more proactive about their health?

Instead of limiting consumers to one primary function, we combined three meaningful features into one powerful bracelet. This includes activity tracking, mobile notifications, and distress messaging. Each feature serves its own purpose in helping individuals feel good, ultimately instilling a sense of confidence and Socialite’s activity tracking feature records step count, distance traveled, time active/inactive, and calories burned. By tracking progress on the accompanying Socialite mobile app, users can identify their strengths, spot areas for improvement, and stay on course.

You mentioned there’s a distress feature, how does that work?

Socialite’s safety feature allows users to send a distress signal to their loved ones in times of potential danger. By tapping on Socialite, one can send a discreet text message to their pre-approved list of contacts, along with optional geolocation and sound/video recording of their surroundings. This feature may seem simple at face value, but having such a powerful trigger on hand provides users with a sense of security and peace of mind.

That’s exciting stuff, and we’re excited to have the Socialite Collection as part of our STORY.

Do you have any parting words or advice for our followers? Be proactive and mindful of your health. How you treat your body (i.e. what you consume, staying active) goes hand in hand with your happiness and wellness. The human body is capable of doing so many amazing things, so treat yours with lots of care and love.