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Get to Know The Socks that Coach You to Run Better and Safer

Running is a spectacular cardiovascular workout, but with improper technique, the heart-healthy benefits can be counteracted by joint-and-foot-damaging blunders. Sensoria Fitness has created a smart garment to help you refine your run, and we caught them during a cool-down break long enough to talk about it.

Would you say that a lot of runners are using improper technique?

There are over 30 million active runners in the US alone, and research estimates that yearly over 60% of these runners suffer from some type of running injury, and that this may be associated with improper running styles. That’s about 18 million injuries a year.

When you put it in numbers, it seems serious.

It is, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Sensoria Fitness helps runners monitor the way they run: foot impact, cadence, foot landing– and our Fitness Socks provide actionable feedback to minimize the chance of incurring injuries from running.

How does that work?

The socks are infused with comfortable textile pressure sensors. They inform you in real time via a Bluetooth-connected mobile app of your foot-landing technique on a helpful visual heat-map, count steps with a metronome-inspired function to keep you at a hip-healthy cadence, and live-coach you on what changes that you need to make right through your headphones.

That’s an incredibly smart sock.

That’s always been the goal. Sensoria was founded in 2011, and is already a leading developer of smart garments. Our successful crowd-funding campaign in 2013 showed us the demand and gave us the resources to produce these Smart Socks, and we think it’s important that runners be able to access actionable feedback about their technique before injury occurs.

Sounds like you’re giving runners the leg up they need. Any parting words or advice for our followers?

Find your passion, understand your body, and have fun!