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[GET TO KNOW] The Maternity Mastermind Behind HATCH Collection

Expectant mothers can expect their bodies to change, and too often that means leaving style behind. Ariane Goldman, the founder of HATCH, wants your style to be your companion before, during, and after pregnancy. Check out our conversation about her brand that’s as distinctly fabulous as it is feminine.

To start, how would you describe HATCH?
HATCH is a company created, grown and driven by women. I believe in the strength of female communities and the creativity and skill of women as individuals, and I do everything I can to support the women that I believe in.

It sounds like Feminism is a driving force in your business. What does Feminism mean to you?
Feminism has so many meanings depending on the context in which it’s used, but I see it as the ability to invest in ourselves and allow ourselves to feel unique and special during life’s most challenging moments.

And that’s what you set out to do with HATCH.
In a way, we do. Pregnancy can be challenging, and we set out to provide busy, chic women with lifestyle solutions that will allow them to continue to feel confident and happy through pregnancy and beyond.

Since we’re doing F-Word story, can you think of another F-Word– besides Feminist– that you and HATCH stand for?

Ooh, yes! That’s a good one, and it fits your philosophy so well. Any parting advice or words of wisdom for our followers?
I’ll paraphrase Eileen Fisher. I once heard her speak, and something she said really resonated with me: “I took a longer road, but I did it on my own terms.”