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Matcha is the new black coffee – Jessica and David Mandelbaum have a little something to do with that. As the founders of Panatea, a premium matcha powder, they were among the earliest to go green and let us all in on the health secrets of their anti-oxidant rich tea. This Sunday at STORY, they’ll be sharing the story behind their small business along with some of their must-have matcha so we asked David about the small businesses he knows and loves- from coffee shops to yoga studios.

What’s PANATEA known for? PANATEA delivers the best quality matcha, in approachable way, to a modern consumer.

What’s your favorite local coffee shop? Two Hands. They serve a mean iced matcha latte!

Where’s the last place in your city you had a really great meal? Decoy Bar – Lobster with wild rice noodles. FIRE!

Where in your city do you go when you need a little inspiration? The Westside Highway for a run.

What’s the last thing you found that inspired you? Roosevelt’s “The Man in the Arena” quote

What small business in your city do you love, who or what makes it great? GREATS Brand. I love their kicks.

Where’s your go-to spot in your city for a great cocktail and what’s your drink of choice? Not a huge drinker. However, Bohemian makes a great tequila grapefruit cocktail.

Where’s your favorite place in your city to spend Sunday morning? Anywhere doing something active (like Yoga216)…something I unfortunately have not had much time for lately.

Where’s the first place you’d take someone in NYC? Go to a great sushi bar and actually sit at the bar. Manhattan is filled with them.

What’s one thing the internet doesn’t know about Panatea? PANATEA’s original logo consisted of a frog.

What advice would you give to fellow small business owners? It’s a roller-coaster. Buckle up. Have thick skin and don’t take “no” as an acceptable answer.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? A collage made on a vinyl record from my wife.

Sunday at 10am the founders of Panatea join us to sample their matcha and make our holidays a little more zen.