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It’s been a year since we first met Jordyn Lexton, the founder and operator of Snowday Food Truck and its umbrella organization Drive Change. The big idea behind this small business: Serve up great, locally sourced food while offering formerly incarcerated youth a vehicle to change their lives – employment. The Snowday food truck which features a maple syrup-themed menu, including an infamous maple joins us Saturday from 12-4pm to treat us to lunch, as part of our partnership with American Express. Before you stop by the truck and celebrate National Maple Syrup day, check out some of the people and places that inspire Jordyn’s work.

Current location: Manhattan

What’s your small business known for? Drive Change uses the food truck industry to raise awareness about injustice and empower young people coming home form jail and prison – we turn red lights green.

What’s one thing the internet doesn’t know about you? The name of our organization was “The Snowday Project” before we thought bigger picture about building a fleet of food trucks for social justice and realized that we needed an umbrella non-profit to help us build that vision. The name “Drive Change” was coined while I was filling out our application for the social entrepreneurship fellowship called Echoing Green -The Echoing Green application has the phrase “Think Big, Be Bold, Drive Change” on the bottom of it. I saw Drive Change while writing about our vision and realized it was a great name for our work.

Where’s your favorite spot to grab coffee? Reconnect Cafe – these days with almond milk and no sugar

Where do you go for a little inspiration? GrowNYC Green Markets

What small businesses locally inspire you? So many! I am constantly inspired by the work of the small food vendors at the Pfizer building (where we have our production as well) – I love hustle, the care, the collaboration of companies like Quinciple, Fatty Sunday, Cool Tech, Kettlebell Kitchen and many more in the space

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to small business owners? Relationship building is crucial – you cannot act as an island

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? An adapted old dictionary that my girlfriend doctored up for my 25th birthday (nearly 5 years ago) – she chose 25 words that defined me and made each page into a collage that represented that word and/or a moment in our lives together.