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Get to Know: Stop the Water While Using Me!

Conservation is part of every mindful consumer’s plan, but finding planet-preserving cosmetics isn’t always easy. We chatted with the minds behind STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME!, the environmentally-friendly brand that’s just as in-your-face about saving water as it is on-your-face gorgeous.

Your products’ packaging is pretty striking, and the name definitely stands out, what inspired it?

The brand name STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! sends a clear and unmistakable message to the entire world with an intentional focus on countries that are currently facing water shortages and droughts. We all know that water is the essence of all life, but it still gets wasted every single day! This is why we created the first cosmetic range that asks people to save water.

So the package is a daily reminder to turn off your water and conserve.

It is, but more generally, we want consumers to remember that our everyday actions have consequences. Individuals all around the world have already started to behave in environmentally friendly ways – from organic food to veganism, etc. This should also include the use of organic and environmentally friendly cosmetics. Using organic cosmetics and saving resources is a small but important step for change!

And it is your goal to help facilitate that change?

That’s right. Another part of the idea is to create a refillable packaging to reduce waste. We use pump dispensers that can easily be refilled, but it’s not only about the design. Our products are 100% natural organic and are made from only the best ingredients that comply with the highest standards for certified natural cosmetics. And of course our products are 100% biodegradable – which means that they create a natural water cycle.

It’s a unique approach, and you’re attacking the problem from multiple angles.

But for us it is not only important to save water: We launched our GOOD WATER PROJECTS, an initiative where we permanently support intelligent projects all over the world that provide drinking water where it is needed most. For those projects we are donating a share of our revenue. With DROP A DONATION WHILE BUYING ME!, people are able to support our initiatives.

It’s an admirable philosophy. Any parting words of wisdom or advice for our followers?

Health is not only about beauty, fitness, and food. It’s about making wise choices every single day. The choice is yours, so choose wisely.