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Movement Specialist Jared Kaplan Finds Balance Through Pilates

As the founder of Studio 26 Pilates personal trainer and movement coach Jared Kaplan is known for his holistic approach to movement, designing personal programs that give individuals a stronger, more supple, better-feeling body.”We have more freedom than we’re using” and can make choices to be well, he says. On Sunday February 28th (RSVP for that here) Jared joins us to lead a restorative Pilates -based mat class, designed to revive your mind and balance your body. Ahead he shares what balance means to him and how he finds it in his daily life.

Jared, New Yorkers aren’t known for their sense of balance – how did you find yours? 

I’m driven and tend to push myself hard. I rely on my extensive studies of the body, movement, and exercise science to choose balance – even while juggling multiple demands. The lessons I’ve learned inform my teaching and my clients are able to move forward standing more centered in their own life.

Did you always have this philosophy or was balance something you learned through Pilates? 

I was a professional dancer who, after an injury, found Pilates incredibly useful as a method to balance out my body. At the same time, I had begun lifting weights so that I didn’t look spastic on stage throwing people around. The insane beauty of the moving body and its ability to overcome challenges, with intelligently applied recipes and re-training of poor habits, continues to inspire me each and everyday.

Awesome! How does movement fit into your personal approach to feeling good? 

“Feel good” makes me think of light vibes: a sense of inner peace now and a refreshing and optimistic view of the future. “We have more freedom than we’re using” and can make choices to be well.

When’s the last time that you felt that lightness? 

Ooooo good question! A last-minute spur of the moment trip to Iceland this past August. Star-gazing near Jokurlson was other-worldly and profoundly moving, and the drive along the Snaefellsnes Peninsula while fighting extreme winds was humbling – it made me glad I work out so that I could control the car!

What’s one thing we can all do to feel a little better? 

Sleep more!

Wake up and join Jared on Sunday February 28th to close Feel Good STORY on a natural high note (RSVP for class with Jared here).