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[GET] The Design-y Tattly Temporary Tattoo Parlor’s Inspired Ink

Based in Brooklyn, Tattly commissions independent artists from around the world to design temporary tattoos with the most unique and beautiful looks on the market. The artists, whose styles vary wildly in aesthetic, get a cut of every Tattly sale. It’s supporting this kind of creative community that has enabled Tattly to create an unmatched library of renowned artists’ work that can be applied to the skin in minutes.

Tattly began when Tina Roth Eisenberg, designer and creator of Swissmiss, noticed that the temporary tattoos she was putting on her daughter’s arm were poorly designed. Instead of resigning to regular, she created the innovative inking company, redefining how you see temporary tattoos.

The innovations don’t stop there: As part of Have Fun STORY, we’ve built a fully functioning Tattly tattoo parlor where you can get tatted up (temporarily) with their freshest designs. Simply pick your design, post up in our leather chair, and let the experts apply the non-toxic, vegetable-based tattoos in no time (or pain) at all!

Decorating your skin doesn’t have to be a permanent commitment. Stop by STORY to get decked out for summer fun. There are tons of incredible inky options to choose from!