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Get to Know: Dondy Desir of Staylit, Love

#PitchNight alum StayLit, Love returns to Love STORY on Sunday, March 26, 11AM-6PM for an exclusive trunk show! In need of a spa-ritual experience? StayLit, Love brings aura-cleansing home and bath products intended to help you set your own vibe, deepen your spiritual wellness, and up your dose of self-care. We caught up with Founder Dondy Desir to talk about the inspiration behind her brand, astrology, and her favorite spot in NYC.

What was the inspiration behind StayLit, Love?
The inspiration behind StayLit, Love comes from my personal experience of understanding the importance of self care and it’s connection to our overall wellness. As a spiritual person, during my meditations I recognized that it is a great practice to reduces stress. So I thought about expanding that experience in a way ancient people have done, while adding a modern touch of going to the spa. I always loved having spa-rituals at home by creating deluxe baths of essential oils and floral herbs while meditating. It’s when I realized that this spa-ritual experience I have been doing all this time can also enhance the way people look at meditating to be more enjoyable whether that’s through aromatic sage smudging or herbal bath bomb and salt bath detoxification.


When it comes to the e-commerce portion of your business, how do you still deliver a uniquely personal experience to your customers?
E-commerce has worked well for my business with the help of social media. I connect with my customers online everyday with my curated guided meditations I post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook along with extended content I publish on my site. Through my guided meditations and content, customers uniquely resonate with what they personally may be going trough at the time. One of my popular content are my bi- weekly astro-meditative mantras that uniquely resonate with each zodiac sign. Within each article, I usually recommend customers to use certain aura cleansing products that I would be best suitable for the metaphysical and self-care contents I publish.

How does your extensive knowledge of astrology play a role in StayLit, Love?
Astrology is a topic I love! Everyone who knows me, know I can’t speak about an event or topic without referring the stars above and the energetic climate it emits. Astrology brings awareness to us that we usually don’t recognize. And I think awareness is vital to our existence which this understanding played a major role in choosing the name, StayLit, Love. As an astrologist, I offer readings to customers which adds a unique personal experience to my clients in gaining awareness of their highest potentials and challenges the may face so that they can live their best light and of course to always, StayLit, Love.

What’s one fact that we can’t learn about you by googling?
I love to travel and have travelled to five out of seven continents. I haven’t made it to Australia or Antartica…yet.

Describe your brand in one sentence.
Live Your Light in enhancing your meditative self-care experiences.

Favorite Instagram feed?

#Mood after chatting with @realmikkipedia . 

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Favorite place to eat?
Home. I love cooking.

What album or song would you consider to be your personal soundtrack?
A Seat At The Table– that’s meditative soul at its best.

Favorite place to shop?
Any metaphysics shop that sells essential oils.

Favorite place in NYC?
Anywhere near the water, but I love Hammock Grove on Governors Island.