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Get in the DIY Spirits With Hella Bitter

Hella Bitter,  the Brooklyn based brand of cocktail complements, is always a few steps ahead: They were one of the first to hit on the artisan cocktail revival, producing and distributing a line of small batch bitters. And now their latest product, a bitter making kit, taps into the DIY movement and empowers you craft your own craft concoctions.

In that spirit, the handsomely packaged kit includes everything needed to get craft crafty: a custom Made in USA strainer and funnel, two source blends of herbs and spices, two infusion jars, four dropper bottles, and a four-step recipe explaining how to put it all together.

Could things get any craftier? Good thing you asked. July 21, join the founders of Hella Bitter for a night of DIY bitter and cocktail making to celebrate the launch of their new kit. And if you haven’t support their project on Kickstarter!

 Craft your own bitters (and cocktails) with Hella Bitter Monday July 21; 6-8pm RSVP to