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[GET] Five Fun Favorites for Fashionable Foodies

From wearables to edibles, you have great taste. Explore this menu of must-haves for the fashion-forward food fan.

Fries Before Guys by
You know where your priorities are, so say it loud and proud with this snarky statement tote and water bottle.

HANGRY Sweatshirt by Bow & Drape
Here’s a shimmering sequined sweatshirt that says “I’m a lot nicer after a snack” in a style that’s can’t-miss cute.

Pizza Socks by Living Royal
These are the socks for the foodie who takes their slices very seriously, and wants pizza with them every step of the way. If you’re extra hungry, they come in cheeseburger, donut, and hot dog too!

The Avocado by The Stranded Stitch
Avocadoes are amazing on salad, on toast, and even on your wall! Show your love for the little green guys with this decorative DIY project (or try the pizza pattern if that’s more to your taste).

Tasty Notepads by Paper House Productions
When your paper is shaped like a sprinkle-coated ice cream cone or a cheesy slice, you’ll find you’re writing down more recipes (or just reminders to order in).