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[GET] Fabulous Fashion Finds that #SpeakEmoji Like You Do

Everyone is speaking Emoji, so why not wear them on your sleeve (or arm, or legs, or on your underwear)? Make the digital wearable with these expressive selections.

Emoji Pins by PINTRILL
Always on point, Brooklyn-based pin fashion brand PINTRILL lets you stick Emoji anywhere that needs a glimmering accent.


Beaded Emoji Coin Purses by Moyna
Mixing traditional craftsmanship and quality with modern emojional sensibility, Moyna makes coin purses that look how you feel.

Seamless Emoji Underwear by Commando
If no panty lines and cheeky design SEAMS like a good idea to you, slide on a pair of these barely-there underwear. 

Emoji Leggings by Terez
Look so good people will look up from their phones in these comfy leggings that say cool without words.

Emoji Necklaces by The Urban Smith
Crafted by a single artisan, these handmade necklaces can hang with any outfit that makes an expressive statement.

Leather Statement Bags by BAGGU
Chic and minimal or bold and expressive, show off these soft leather bags’ simple prowess or dress them up with PINTRILL and Meri Meri accessories (we did!).

HANGRY Sweatshirt by Bow & Drape
We’ve all been there, now it’s a funny feeling we can wear. Custom clothier Bow & Drape has created this comfy sweatshirt that says “Feed me! I’m fun.”