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GAP’s Stonewashed Ode to the ’90s

Pokemon is back. We can’t get enough O.J. Simpson on TV. The Clintons are inching their way into the White House again. The Barenaked Ladies are touring.

Like stepping into a worn pair of Doc Martens, the ‘90s have found new life in the volatile year that 2016 has turned out to be. Rediscovering the past is the best way to soothe an achy nostalgia for times that felt more innocent, so no duh, we’re embracing our zeitgeist’s “all-things-‘90s” vibe at #RememberWhenSTORY by sporting slap bracelets, chasing Pop Rocks with Capri Sun, and above all else – throwing it back with GAP.

Because nothing looks like the ‘90s more than GAP’s stonewashed denim!

In celebration of this iconic look, GAP designed a stonewashed denim jacket that feels like new notebooks, a kickin’ jam in your Discman, and crunchy leaves on the walk home from school. The jacket’s classically boxy fit captures the slouchy ease of ‘90s style, and it’s prime for layering as the weather cools off.

Thank you, GAP, for bringing back all the feels with this one. It’s good to know you always have our throwback.

Take a nostalgia trip to #RememberWhenSTORY if you want to try on this stonewashed style statement. It’s dope, it’s definitive, it’s definitely GAP.