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From Pitch Night to HSN: How this Entrepreneur is Making Her American Dream Happen

They say building your own business is all about taking the first step – even if you don’t know where you’ll end up. Fortunately for us, Abby Walker’s journey lead her to Pitch Night, where this Minnesota-based entrepreneur shared how her love for heels had lead her to create Vivian Lou Insolia Weight-Shifting insoles, a line of stiletto-perfect insoles. After pitching her product to our panel, including HSNi CEO Mindy Grossman Abby was asked to appear on American Dreams portion of The Monday Night Show with Adam Freeman. Ahead, what’s happened since…

Some big things have happened for Vivian Lou since you pitched the insoles at Pitch Night! What’s happened? 

I had the honor of presenting Vivian Lou Insolia insoles at Pitch Night on Sept 18, and I received a call from HSN on September 23 – just 1 short week later! I was sitting in the car dealership waiting for my car to be serviced and my phone rang. I was so embarrassed because it echoed through the entire dealership – I scrambled to push silent, but I saw it was from Florida – I had to answer! I spoke with a VP of Merchandising who told me Mindy Grossman dropped off Vivian Lou Insolia Weight-Shifting insoles on her desk and told her she had to call me. And so began this amazing HSN journey.

Wow, that’s huge! So what next? 

I submitted product to their buying team who then passed it on to QA and legal. On Nov 24, I received a note from the HSN buying team that the product was scheduled to go on the Jan 4 American Dreams segment with Adam Freeman. Because this was all new to me, I assumed Adam would introduce the product – foolishly I didn’t believe I would be going on air. I arrived at HSN at noon on Jan 4. I went through a crash course learning how to present on camera. I was escorted to meet Adam Freeman, we chatted for 5 minutes about the product, and I was whisked away into a waiting room. After 45 minutes…WE WERE LIVE!

The suspense is killing us: how did it go? 

I sold out on the live program, and sent HSN additional inventory…so it is still available online. I am slated to go on live again during THE LIST with Colleen Lopez on 3/17. So exciting! It has an incredible whirlwind of a few months…and I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunities and people I have met along the way. Every single person at both STORY and HSN has been so welcoming, helpful and encouraging.

We’ve picked up Vivian Lou Insolia Weight-Shifting insoles for “Feel Good” STORY, what does that phrase mean to you? 

I tend to think of feeling good as a holistic feeling. It means feeling comfortable, feeling healthy, feeling beautiful, and feeling confident all at the same time. Vivian Lou Insolia Weight-Shifting insoles help women feel good by preventing pain and injury caused by high heels so we can focus on more our dreams and less on our feet.

What’s next for your small business? 

We have quite a few things up our sleeve. For now, we are focused on expanding into more retail locations and growing our product line.

Watch Abby on HSN: