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#HerSTORY Collaborator Rachel Blumenthal Launches Rockets of Awesome

Entrepreneur and Manhattan mom extraordinaire Rachel Blumenthal curated a section of #HerSTORY, our living dialogue with women aged 4-94 through a mix of merchandise and storytelling. And her selections reflected her refined perspective on parental purchases. Now, the Cricket’s Circle founder has created the hand-picked quality kids’ clothing brand Rockets of Awesome, and it’s too awesome not to share!

Rockets of Awesome is a team of moms, dads, aunts, and uncles who set out to solve some common problems when it comes to shopping for kids’ clothes. Eliminating shopping trips that feel like pulling teeth, endless online scrolling, dressing-room drama, and overpriced basics, Blumenthal and team is changing the shopping-for-tots game.

Reimagining the runaround, Rockets of Awesome¬†uses your kid’s personalized likes and dislikes to hand-pick collections of top-quality clothes, ship them (with no extra charge) directly to you four times a year, and react to your feedback to find the best fit for your little one. Everything is comfy, adventure-tested for daily durability, and under $40 so parents can simplify their lives and just celebrate authentic moments with kids.

As we count down to the launch of our next concept, it’s inspiring to see our community creating new and exciting things. Rockets of Awesome is an astronomical hit!

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