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FoxTales Brings Back Slime Time

From invading adult swim to feeding our Tamagochis in between lunch and recess, we ’90s kids lived big and dreamed big… but there’s no denying that getting splatted by Nickelodeon’s gnarly green goo remains an elusive childhood dream that escaped many. Truth be told, we’re still buggin’ about it, but word up to you grow’d ups out there: If you’ve reached adulthood without ticking “get slimed” off the bucket list, here’s your second chance!!

We’re bringing back Slime Time with the help of  FoxTales, a group of passionate innovators creating custom on-demand interactive experiences. FoxTales has built a custom digital slime photo booth that embraces all things slime (without the mess). So hit rewind and slime your kids, slime your dog, slime yourself, and then meet us back in the digital age to instantly share your slimed photos on Facebook and Twitter.

We’re super pumped to work with FoxTales – masters of the “physical meets digital” space – to deliver a blend of technology, design, and slime.

Still feelin’ our ’90s vibe? Stay tooned in @thisisstory to learn more about other interactive experiences that throw it way back.