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Four Ways to Get Unstuck, Maximize Your Creativity

No one wants to feel stuck. See also, uninspired, zapped and drained. But since there’s no such thing as “Draino” for brains, the the creative strategists behind SY Partners came up with Unstuck, an app that helps you make a pivotal change in your life by getting to the root of the stickiness. Inspired by their evolving tool kit, which now includes some handy-dandy cards, here are a four helpers that might aid your unsticking process.

Be optimistic:

See the world as one of possibilities, rather than constraints. If optimism isn’t intuitive, think happy thoughts and then write them down in a journal.

Be a believer

Believe that you can change the way things are now. Take the Soma filter, a simple idea born out of the belief that the world needed a better way to filter its water.

Be a thinker

Think about the changes required to make a meaningful transformation possible. Sometimes creating a realistic plan begins with accessing the right advice, which is exactly what Unstuck aims to provide with its in-the-moment Tip Cards.

Be active  

Turn your ideas into reality. And consider track all the steps you’re taking with Jawbone’s UP Move, a bright little fitness monitor.